Thursday, 19 January 2012

Eruption 1

My plan for the volcano eruption is to try it in the software i know and see which one gives the better effect. So this week I was trying to get a realistic eruption in Maya, I managed to find a tutorial for an eruption which I thought was quite lucky and here are some stills and clips of my test from following this tutorial. 

The first clip was my first attempt, it went quite well except for getting the smoke the right colour, and also the smoke on the bottom half looks too fluffy for my liking.

My second attempt was much better, I manage to get the smoke a better colour and less fluffy. The problem I had with this one the timing, it looks good but the timing is off for it to look more like a volcanoes eruption rather than a plume of smoke piling out a tube.
  Next week I'll be working back in 3ds max to see what effect I can do with that.

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