Saturday, 31 December 2011

Thursday, 29 December 2011

pre production

I haven't been very good at keeping this blog up to date, sorry about that. Any who here are some of the things I've been up to for pre-production. This project ends in a weeks’ time, then its production which is what I rather do. I should then hopefully update more often on what I am working on at the time.

Right now that's out the way; I'm going to explain what my projects are:

My first personal project is a weather particle system, where I'm going to create an environment and change the weather using particles and fluid in multiple software. The image below is a brainstorm I've done to help decide what kind of environment. After some research I decided on doing a volcano as it can have any kind of weather pattern and look natural, but it also has the added effect of doing an eruption.

My second project is a little easier but still complicated as I've never done any match-moving before. So my idea was to have someone walk around a populated area and change the arm of said person to robotic limb. The image below explains in more detail of my project. 

For my final project is a collaborative project with other classmates. The picture underneath is my brief I was given by the director/project leader. I am to do all the effects for the demon character, and to help with anything else.

This last picture is to show what software I am going to use for my projects.

OK so thats it for now will upload a little more pre-production before I start uploading production stuff. 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Getting back on track

Okay so it pre-production time again, and I'm going to try and upload every other day with either new effect tests I've tried out or design work etc..

Character finally done!

After being a week late here is my character I did for my Mudbox project. I am happy with the outcome except for the whole head, never been good at modelling hair or texturing a head, but i am getting better. I had problems getting my model in to Mudbox, so only one or two parts where actually modified in Mudbox, the rest was done in 3ds Max. I looked at quite a few tutorials to try and make things better, but didn’t quite find any good ones.  

Friday, 2 December 2011

Been a while!

It's been awhile since I last updated my blog. I've been quite busy recently doing light/composition project, as well as a Mudbox character project. The lighting project is a redo from second year, the lighting itself was simple enough as I kind of knew how to do lighting in 3DS Max. However I don't know a thing about how to do compositions, I couldn't go to any of the lectures as I they were on at the same time of Mudbox. So this is where the internet came in handy I found some tutorials although not all them helped but I was able to get enough info to do this project. I'll look into composition properly when this project is over. After the 5th I'll upload my final character :D, any-who here are some stills of my composition piece.