Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Desert Scene

I've recently been given another task for Joe's project of creating an environment, as he would like it to be done in Vue. I got the rough outline of the layout he wants and the scale, however the scale is a lot bigger than what I'm used to working on in the program so I've been having some problems with it. The main issue I'm having is that Vue takes a lot of memory, so when that memory gets full it crashes. So far every time I get close to the look I think Joe will accept my system shuts down or freezes, without letting me save :( Here are a few render shots I've manage to do.

The images above were pre-scenes I loaded just to see what they would look like, and be approved to create an environment like these.

Below are my first tests, for some reason I couldn't get the render to work the way it was before, it made it hard to see what the actual scene looks like. In these scenes the mountains have a sand texture on them which I later took off.

The next set of images I went back to the beginning of trying to get the texture to be similar to what is wanted.

Still need to do a lot of work on the scene to get it right. Will post render when it is complete and been approved by the director.

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